Robert Burke

Robert Burke

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First Name * Robert
Last Name * Burke
Username * robbur
Country * United Kingdom
Nationality UK
Languages English





As an engineer and hobby potter, I have always been interested in making things and this has spilled over into the world of 3D art and design. Initially self-taught using CAD packages I am now learning to use Blender which I am finding a phenomenally powerful creative package and at a price I can afford £0.00. Though it is early days for me with regards to 3D art I am persistent and hopefully will improve as I learn more of this fascinating subject.

As I learn Blender I am compiling a fairly detailed guide for new users. The first sections are based around the mesh modelling of non-deformable components with tips on adding CAD precision to the models. In the future if I ever become good at texturing I may expand the guide to include this.

The guide is on my site


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